SHOP THE LOOK- Scandi inspired explorer bedroom

Scandinavian Inspired Bedroom Design
Today we're going to go on an adventure and shop the look for this Scandinavian inspired explorer bedroom, created digitally by Wilbur & Peach. 
Kids are born natural explorers, fascinated by the world around them and eager to explore so why not create a room that reveals their inner explorer? Not only do these rooms suggest exploration and adventure, but they have an undertone of education and discovery that is great for developing minds. 
From the soothing snow dipped mountains to the inspirational and educational wall prints, this room is perfect for little ones obsessed with self discovery. 

Colour Scheme

This bedroom design is primarily grey with shades of blue, creating a neutral backdrop. Blue and grey are both cool colours and this ensures they will pair naturally. Even if your bedroom has brown tones, you'll have no problems because blue also goes perfectly with brown as you can see from the brown hardwood floor. In this digital design we have paired Grey Goose, Iron and Gull Grey that coincides great with the brown hardwood floor but don't hesitate to experiment with different shades of blue, mid blue to navy blue goes really well with grey. 

Below is our GET THE LOOK guide, use this guide to discover the furnishings used in this nordic bedroom design. 

1) BABA Handmade Plywood Wardrobe - Shop Here
2) Wilbur & Peach Scandinavian Wall Art - Shop Here
3) ABC Building Blocks, Baby Blue - Shop Here
4) Blue Macrame Rainbow Hanger- Shop Here
5) Summit Blue Wallpaper - Shop Here
6) BigStuffed Albino Whale - Shop Here
7) Scandi Play Rug - Shop Here 
8)Teepee White & Grey Wooden Bed - Shop Here 
Feel free to use this shopping list as a guide, if some of the items are out of your price range or not to your liking then find a better alternative that suits you and your child, take our design and make it your own. 
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